Men’s Bible Study – January 2016

Men’s Bible Study Sessions

Beyond Football and the Weather

“It’s about time men got together and got real.  I know what’s right and whit need to do.  I don’t need advice, but I do need a group of guys to listen, keep what I say to themselves and hold me accountable.”

The about quote comes from a study bible that I was given many years ago by a mentor and fried at church, Carl Sass.  Carl was tall, big chested man.  He was clearly imposing – was a retired high school principal!  But, he was also one of the most spiritually influential men I have met.  The bible is titled, Master Builders Bible for Men.  The basis for this study comes from there with new twists for our present day.

I have never led a bible study in the way we are going to try.  You are guinea pigs in a sense.  The expectations and ground rules stay the same regardless of the format:

  • Everything we discuss is confidential – the area on the blog is password protected for that reason.
  • We will talk about ourselves and not others
  • We will listen and support, but not offer advice unless specifically asked
  • Each person’s opinions will be respected
  • We will pray for each other
  • We will read the scriptures and materials, watch any videos and respond to discussion questions.
  • Commit to meet in person or via online if at all possible.

Overall, the format for the group is planned as follows, but may be adjusted.  Remember, I’ve never done this before!

  • Sunday night – New session starts.  Scriptures, videos, articles and discussion questions will be posted.
  • Monday-Wednesday – Members read, view and respond to the materials.  This is done at a time that is convenient to you.  All I ask is that you post thoughts and be committed to responding to others.  You are welcome to make videos to post if you want as your way of responding.  It’s up to you.
  • Thursday or Friday – Devote to time of prayer.  I suggest at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted bible passage reading (I’ll have some suggested passages, but you are free to go your own direction), journaling if that’s your thing, finding an online devotional to focus on (I have some suggestions in the resource folder) or other way to spend time with God.
  • First Saturday of each Month – 8:00am meeting at my house for coffee and breakfast.  Anyone who can’t make the trip or is out of town, we’ll do a Google hangout so you can join us!  During this time, we’ll catch up, pray, share stories and reflect on the previous couple weeks of scripture.

For the first 6 weeks, we’ll focus on Accountability.  Click on the link below to go to that week’s study materials.  Here are the general topics that we’ll cover: